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To Library of Congress Professional Employees:

Would you like another perspective on how best to advance your career? Come talk to us.

If you have questions about your rights or would like to discuss a situation with your supervisor, call the Guild Chief Steward at 202-707-1304 or the Guild President at 202-707-6493, send an email to, or stop by our office in the Madison Building, G41, across from Health Services.

Options are available to address your concerns. Perhaps you only need information to act on your own behalf. More commonly, Guild stewards can represent you in meetings with supervisors or other managers to resolve problems. Your dispute can be mediated through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. You can file a grievance, if necessary. Discrimination complaints can be addressed either through the Library’s Equal Employment Opportunity complaints process or through a grievance. Guild stewards can assist you with information about any of these processes so you can make informed decisions.

Come talk to us if you want information on:

  • how to advance your career
  • unfair workplace practices
  • discrimination
  • harassment or hostile work environment
  • health and safety concerns

There may be time limits to remedy a wrong, so please do not delay in seeking information about your rights.

The Library of Congress Professional Guild (AFSCME Local 2910): United for Justice

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